6 thoughts on “Meme Wars: The Book

  1. I keep coming back to adbusters with the feeling that I need to somehow get involved and get active. I make art and write, but it never seems like enough. This stuff while although I can never be sure if it is the full truth, is a voice that needs to be heard over many others that are speaking right now. If I have to be loud by using heavy handed symbols or meanings to attack consumer based ideology so be it.

    Id love to get Involved in other more advanced ways whether it be writing or making art, but that’s a discussion for another day.


  2. This is very interesting and makes me wonder what motivates the creative mind to flourish. Its tone is interesting because it simply implies that memes are simply a joke against us individuals. I wish I could understand the relevance of the art used by the artist. I do admire how it addresses the fact that we become manipulated with capitalism.

    1. it means, I think, that we aren’t all leaning in the same direction yet… I’ve always wanted to abolish money, remove capitalism and have humanity reach a comfortable position with it’s cognitive/animal state, a life bigger than “necessary occupations”.. But It Isn’t Happening? no RBE yet, no moderation away from capitalism etc. People are comfortable, and maybe this comfortable avoidance will prevail for several more generations
      Someone knows, I haven’t found them yet..

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